Effective Monetisation is the Pathway to Profitable Growth

Improving pricing by 1% increases profit margins by 8 - 12%! Despite this, the average SaaS company spends less than 6 hours on this critical growth lever across their entire lifetime. In fact, only 40% of SaaS companies take a value-based approach to pricing and packaging. The rest are either guessing, matching competitors, or even resorting to cost plus pricing - leaving money on the table from uncaptured value. Most businesses consider pricing to be a dark art, finding it complex and confusing.


Biz Growth Spurt partners with the founders & senior leaders of scaling, disruptive B2B SaaS and tech companies to implement continuous price optimisation processes and develop persona-aligned packaging & position strategies that lead to profitable growth.  

Our recent clients across the fintech, edtech, compliance software, job management, CMS & marketplace spaces have all seen significant improvements in MRR (28% av. increase), LTV/CAC ratio, NDR > 110%, CSAT > 75% and sales efficiency from working with us, along with successful expansion into overseas markets.

So, speak to us now, and give your business a profitable growth spurt.

Product-market-pricing fit and defining your ideal customer profile drives targeted acquisition

We ensure that you focus your precious sales & marketing resources on attracting customers that truly value your solutions and are willing to pay a premium for them.  Many seed-stage companies face challenges around unprofitable acquisition and high support costs.  We won’t let this be what keeps you up at night! 

Tailored Strategies
Revenue Growth and Customer Acquisition

Growing expansion revenue and improving paid conversions

By leveraging usage data and customer analytics, we ensure that your customer success and sales teams are able to clearly articulate the value story, provide social proofing, and recommend the package that aligns with your customers’ growth journey, based on their segment needs. With a focus on optimising SaaS metrics, our positioning & packaging strategies will enhance your value proposition and give your business an edge over the competition.

Churn, CAC, TTV and sales cycle reduction to grow your profits

Not all customers are equal and 80% of your revenue is typically generated from 20% of high-value customers.  Biz Growth Spurt helps you target these customers with optimal value messaging, and the right packaging strategy based on feature value & pricing model (subscription vs usage-based vs hybrid) as part of its monetisation framework.

Cost Reduction and Streamlining
Strategic Planning

Price optimisation & monetising competitive advantage

By taking a data-driven approach to understanding what your customers value the most, we will segment your customers based on their needs, usage, purchase behaviour and willingness to pay.  We will then identify the optimal pricing metric and monetisation model for your business, testing price points with our advanced survey techniques to ensure we have found the optimal levels based on segment value.

Market positioning and competitor analysis

Biz Growth Spurt can help you understand the relative strengths and weaknesses of your value proposition versus your rivals. This is crucial to the setting of your pricing strategy, value messaging, and product strategy.  We will also ensure that your customers understand what differentiates you from the competition so that pricing becomes a formality, since your proposition is the only one that meets their specific set of needs.  Our experts will make sure you are shouting about your competitive advantages!

Market and Competitor Analysis


See what our happy clients have to say about the monetisation & growth work that we have done with them to help them grow profitably, raise capital, and enter new markets, ultimately maximising valuation potential.


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